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Success is not determined by one ’cause’, just because someone succeeded by walking through a door, doesn’t mean your success can be achieved through that particular door. You might need to open the window(s) or break the window(s) to get to your goal. You might need to the open the door twice or many times to get through. You might need to actually break the door. Finally you might need to break the real building to pass through.


So, for the fact that Mr. ‘A’ succeeded by going through door one, doesn’t mean your success would come from door one, you might need to try door two…We are all special in our own way and have different destiny, so don’t think that because someone you know achieved their dreams through climbing mountain, then, you need to actually climb mountain to succeed, it is definitely not so…

Be happy, determined and patient, you will get there. No matter what you do, don’t forget God

Have a great day readers! 🙂



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