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What people don’t realize about life is that you need to value one another. If you are in a mist of friends that can’t tell you your flaws nor try to urge you towards working on it, then its time to get rid of those friends.

Your life has a purpose so don’t waste it by surrounding yourself with the negative(s). What am I implying? For instance, if you want to lose 5 pounds for 9 days, eating cheesecake or high-intake calories are negative factors that would impact your weight loss goal.  Generally, eating Cheesecake would not help you with your achievement of losing five pounds. Now apply this to friendship: you need people who will help you improve on your flaws and help you to work on it. Friendships are about, give and take and not take and take.cheese

Hope through my words of inspirations, you can learn to value the friends that you have now or get rid of them like the cheesecake!

…So move forward with positive energy and surround yourself with positives and not negatives.



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