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Seven golden rules for the year 2012

1. Don’t only forgive, but forget.

2. Don’t focus on people who don’t care about you.

3. Don’t revenge *Two wrongs don’t make a right*

4.Avoid all kinds of drama*Prevention is better than cure*

5.Cut out negative things in other words if something or someone is not bringing positivity in your life-cut it or cut them out.

6.Stress is part of life, focus on only necessary stress and leave irrelevant stress.

7.Don’t cry over split milk get yourself another one-you can’t change or regret 2011-Move on 2012 with new expectations.

So be proud of your past because this time around 2012 is your year ♥ it all depends on you.




20 thoughts on “Seven golden rules for the year 2012

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